‘You know I’ve always believed we live in two places. In the moment and in the memory. But we are only truly free in one place, and that is the mind. The goal of ULTIMATE® is to take that freedom from you, but they can only succeed if you let them. Remember, reality is what you choose to believe and life is how you create it.’


A powerfully cautionary tale of how our ignorance and complacency could lead to the eventual surrender of our very personality. Brand Loyalty explores a possible world (remarkably like our own) which has been taken over by the corporate totalitarianism of the ULTIMATE® company.


This ebook version includes extras such as an introduction (at the end) and the development of the ‘story’ over a ten year period. Such insights add much to the enjoyment of this story which can be read and re-read. Brand Loyalty is a book not just about life but about changing the way we see it.


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