Lydia Bennet's Blog







          A teenage Bridget Jones lives Pride and Prejudice.


          Lydia, the streetwise youngest Bennet, is a modern teen living in Regency times! She’s funny, flirty, lippy, rebellious, obsessed with fashion and fit boys, but more than that, she’s a force to be reckoned with. It's about time someone dared to diss Darcy and Lizzy a little!


          Now you can read her blog and find out what really happened behind the scenes in Jane Austen’s novel. Lizzy, Mr Bennet, Darcy and the others little know who is really pulling the strings, as Lydia schemes to save herself and a clueless family from a cash-free future, and to get her man, the supremely sexy bad boy Wickham.


          By an odd quirk of history, Lydia’s teen generation use slang very like our own, though it comes from their own time and her strangely patchy education.


          Whether you read and love Jane Austen, or prefer the films to the books, or just like a good laugh, you’ll enjoy Lydia’s conniving, eavesdropping, Mr Collins-outing, Pa-baiting, clothes-crazy, shamelessly flirtatious and outrageous adventures.


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