The Sun's Companion






          It's 1935. Tamar Fell has no family - or so she's been told - and she relies on the friends she makes as she's dragged from lodging house to lodging house by her mother - the reckless, beautiful Sadie. Then Tamar meets Anna Weissmann, exiled from her own family by European politics, and they forge a friendship that will last through bereavement, failed love affairs, internment, betrayal, and the dislocations of war.

          Kathleen Jones is a biographer and poet whose short stories have won several awards including a Cosmopolitan fiction prize and a Fay Weldon award. Kathleen’s biography of Catherine Cookson was in the top 10 best seller racks in WH Smith for 8 weeks. This is her first novel.

          What readers have said about The Sun's Companion:-

           ‘It is written with such passion and attention to detail that I slipped away easily into the worlds of Tamar and Anna. It reads like novels written by authors like Josephine Cox and Catherine Cookson that I love to read.' Pink Fox

          ‘Wartime North Shields and Cumbria are the well-wrought backgrounds to this compelling novel about two very different young women growing up through dramatic times. Poet and biographer Kathleen Jones's move into fiction should be celebrated by readers and writers alike.' Wendy Robertson, best-selling author of Sandie Shaw and the Millionth Marvel Cooker, Land of Our Possession, and Kitty Rainbow.

           ‘I'm not entirely sure how to describe this novel other than to say I loved it! Not literary fiction, not genre fiction, almost the novelisation of a book of modern history, with characters I came to care about and scenes that were vivid and real. . . I don't think I've ever read anything that has immersed me so thoroughly in time and place. These people must be real and I'm sure if I go and visit the area, these farms will actually exist! Utterly gripping and I didn't want it to end.' Debbie Bennett, best-selling author of Hamelin's Child and Edge of Dreams. IEBR Review.

           ‘The story grips one right from the start and you live the moments .... with the characters. ... This surely can only be a winner of a book.' Tryer

          ‘Fabulous story, well told. I loved this. You have smashing, believable characters, a great plot, brilliant writing, good ideas throughout and some lovely, insightful sentiments; detailed settings clearly described without them being overdone.' F1xter

           ‘This story of two young girls was passionate and moving.' Barbara C. Johnson

           ‘Full of drama, intrigue and heartbreak.' Natalie Braine, Orion

           ‘It is more literary fiction than historical . . . a depiction of a forgotten way of life, exploring all its idiosyncratic beauty and ugliness in a symbolic fashion.' Pablo666


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