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          STORM DAMAGE is a collection of ten stories by John A. A. Logan, author of THE SURVIVAL OF THOMAS FORD (winner of a Special Award in the Best of the Independent eBooks Awards 2012)

          UNICORN ONE - Mission Control in Edinburgh has made a strange choice of astronaut for Scotland’s first ever Independent Space Program.

          LATE TESTING - Michael survived the trenches of World War One France, but can he survive the English village he returns home to?

         NAPOLEON’S CHILD - Has old Frank been alone for too long, or did a young boy really appear from the desert mysteriously one night?


          AT THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD - In a very bizarre circus, a Big Top performance goes horribly wrong


          THE MAGENTA TAPESTRY - Calliasta may have to sell the old house to Russian mafiosi, but is it true that the family gardener, Ernest, owns the grounds?

          THE AIRMAN - A ghost story about a World War Two bombing raid over Dresden which somehow ends up in modern India

          THE POND - An elderly man tries to recreate a lost love but is Nature on his side?

          THE ORANGE PIG - A meeting between a pig and a wolf on a moonlit hillside leads to a night of revelations for the pig.

          STORM DAMAGE - How hard can it really be to make an insurance claim?

          SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN* - A young man gets his teeth into something at a party

          *SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN was originally published by PICADOR in NEW WRITING 13 (edited by Ali Smith and Toby Litt)


Comments about John A. A. Logan’s work:


"A blistering, tough book, tempered with tenderness and mystery..."
Alan Warner, author of THE STARS IN THE BRIGHT SKY

"He's a great writer. He should be read."
Cally Phillips, author of BRAND LOYALTY

"The storytelling is effortless, the echoes are long lasting..."
Roz Morris, author of MY MEMORIES OF A FUTURE LIFE

"Beautifully written…compelling…literary fiction/tartan noir/thriller/zany black comedy…Logan dances on a literary knife edge…blazing talent..."
Linda Gillard, author of A LIFETIME BURNING

"I loved this book and the storytelling style…an amazingly talented author..."
Joni Rodgers, New York Times bestselling author of

"He emerged from exile with an astonishing novel called THE SURVIVAL OF THOMAS FORD. Now, day by day, the good news spreads: When an Artistic director goes slumming with a commercial thriller, the result is Martin Scorsese's CAPE FEAR...but when a Literary writer produces a thriller with love and respect, the result is THOMAS FORD...”
Reb MacRath, author of NOBILITY


"Writerly prowess..." THE SPECTATOR

"Logan writes in very original terms..." SCOTTISH STUDIES REVIEW

"The literary survival of author John Logan..." THE NORTHERN TIMES

"Positive new chapter for thriller man..." HIGHLAND NEWS

"City author's e-book breaks into Top 100..." THE INVERNESS COURIER



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