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           Who doesn't love a good murder mystery story? This Little Tyke Murder Mystery series by children's author, Ann Evans, provides four great whodunnits for younger readers to enjoy.


           Each crime story is packed with mystery and adventure.

           These ebooks for children allow the young readers to look for clues among the red herrings and work out who committed the crime. This series of kids ebooks comes with a weblink to some secret pages containing author tips on deciding who the culprit is.

           In Pointing the Finger Daniel takes on Gibbets Hollow as part of his paper round. It doesn’t worry him that this lonely lane is supposed to be haunted. He doesn’t believe in ghosts anyway. But he soon discovers that there are some strange people living in Gibbets Hollow and when one of them is murdered – stabbed with a pitchfork, Daniel is convinced the police have arrested the wrong person. With the help of his pal, Tim, they endeavour to unearth the real killer - but they are treading a dangerous path.


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