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          The casket has raised, heavily embroidered panels. A woman stands breast high amid the growing corn. There are birds and flowers too: long-necked swans and plump seagulls, honeysuckle, wild roses with their centres formed of tiny seed pearls, drooping foxgloves. The embroidery has faded over time but only a little. There is a tall house in grey silk, with fragments of mica for windows.

          When Alys revisits the beautiful Hebridean island of Garve after an absence of twenty five years, she is captivated by the embroidered casket on display in her hotel. She discovers that it belongs to Donal, her childhood playmate, and soon they resume their old friendship.

          Interwoven with the story of their growing love, is the darker tale of Henrietta Dalrymple, kidnapped by the formidable Manus McNeill and held on Garve against her will. With three hundred years separating them, the women are linked by the cabinet and its contents, by the tug of motherhood and by the magic of the island itself. But Garve has its secrets, past and present. Donal must learn to trust Alys enough to confide in her and, like Henrietta before her, Alys must earn the right to belong.

          What people have said about this book:
Heartwarming, realistic and page turning’ – Lorraine Kelly.

A powerful story about love and obligation… a persuasive novel, very well written’ - John Burnside.

A stunning Hebridean setting’ – the Sunday Herald.


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