Ghost Train and Other Stories


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          Ghost Train & Other Stories is a collection of horror stories, and not for the faint-hearted.
          What you won’t find in this book are zombies and vampires. Nor will you find anyone running around wielding a chainsaw, although there might be some knives and maybe a cleaver. Blood and gore is also missing, although I can’t guarantee you won’t stumble across some body parts.

          These four short stories are a mixed batch of horror and paranormal, which I hope you will enjoy. They include:-

          ‘The Ghost Train’ - was previously published in issue 39 of Dark Horizons in 2001, and is a dark story set in a fairground.

          ‘The Gourmet Club - is a story about a restaurant which features an exclusive, invitation only, gourmet club with rather unusual tastes.

          ‘Brainpower’ - is a fantasy about what happens to a student who craves more and more knowledge.

          ‘Déjà vu’ - is another paranormal story with a dark theme.

          Read and enjoy.

          Chris Longmuir is an award winning novelist with three previously published novels, two of which are e-books.



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