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In life he was her strength. In death she must be his.

In the tradition of the very best HBO miniseries, Black Heart High is part 1 of a series of heart-stopping and heart-breaking 2 hour reads from bestselling Kindle author Dan Holloway, released one every 2 months over the course of a year.

3 years ago Spark and Kayla were the outsiders in town, and at school, and made a promise to keep each other safe. Whatever it takes. Now, after years of self-harm and addiction brought on by bullying and abuse, Spark’s body is falling apart.

When another brutal attack by classmates leaves him half dead, Kayla knows if she’s going to keep her promise she has to do something. Now.

She steals a teacher’s car, pulls a fast one on Spark’s dealer, and runs to London’s underworld, where they end up at the Forgotten and Alone Club. It feels like they’ve found a home at last. But their past is closing in, and it soon becomes clear there is something very wrong about their new friends. And the way they look at Kayla.

She is about to find out what “whatever it takes” means

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