OF DOOMS AND DEATH - Book 1 of Joslin de Lay's journey


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It is 1369 and England and France are at war. Joslin de Lay is a minstrel like his father. But when English lords visit the French castle in which they live, his father is murdered and Joslin escapes to hostile England, charged with a quest to Wales to find his lost mother. And a mysterious, threatening man follows him secretly.

But no sooner does Joslin land in England than he is embroiled in murder. The great Doom painting is taking shape in Stovenham Church, but each time the face of one of the damned is painted, the person whose portrait it is meets a violent death. ‘The devil walks abroad in Stovenham,” says the travelling friar. There is danger, heartache and cruel murder before the truth is known and Joslin can continue his journey.

There was no doubt. Near where the altar had once been been were legs encased in green hose, a barrel chest in a red doublet and shiny leather jerkin. Whoever it was looked sound asleep.
Fearfully, Joslin crept closer.
Then he caught his breath. He knew who lay there. And he was not asleep.


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