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Enid Richemont's e-books are:


                 The Glass Bird          The Enchanted Village


To Summon A Spirit     Dragoncat      The Dream Dog 


Jamie and the Whippersnapper    The Stone That Grew


Twice Times Danger    My Mother's Daughter




          I was born and brought up in South Wales. From there I won a scholarship to Dublin College of Art, and after four years in Ireland, came to London to work in a Rudolf Steiner school. While living in London, I also took on a part-time job reading aloud to a blind writer. The typewriter I'd hired to do this had some paid-up time left, so I used it to write a short story which I sold to a women's magazine. It became the first of many, and the beginning of a brief but successful career. Then I married.

          While my two children were growing up, I stopped writing, and started a small toy business, producing screen-printed puppet theatres, flying saucers and playhouses that looked like medieval battle tents.

          Work took us to Paris, where we lived for two years, and where I first encountered the Romanian gypsy girl who features in my Young Adult novel, FOR MARITSA WITH LOVE (Simon & Schuster), but my first story - THE TIME TREE (Walker Books) - took eight years to go from a told and made up story into a published book.

          I've now been published in the USA and Australia, and my work has been translated into Danish, German and Japanese. Currently I'm working on very young titles and picture book texts, and also converting some of my now out of print books into ebooks. I live in London with my husband, David, and we have three grandchildren in Cornwall, where two of my books are set (one of them is TWICE TIMES DANGER, a thriller for 9 - 12 year olds).


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