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Lulu, the cat that lives in a small Chinese supermarket, has just had five kittens. Wing-Yu would like to keep them all - especially the dud one with odd flaps of skin. Pa, however, has other ideas. That dud kitten would look bad in his food store, and what's more, everything has to be perfect for Grandpa's visit from Hong Kong to celebrate Wing-Yu's baby sister's One Month Feast. Pa would secretly like to have the kitten put down, but finally he lets Wing-Yu keep it outside in the shed.

On the day the kitten escapes into the shop and appears to fly, Pa's really had enough. "Bad for business," he says. "We'll have the health inspectors around". But when racist yobs target the shop, Pa changes his mind, and even Grandpa seems to approve. "He's like a little dragon," says Grandpa, "and dragons bring good luck."

DRAGONCAT is set in London's Chinese community, and is based on a real shop in Stroud Green.


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