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The Quickening


The Song of the Sea



          Mari grew up in South Wales, and loves all things wierd and creepy.


          As a child she took refuge from what she felt to be a desperately unexciting life, by devouring books. The progression from reading to writing seemed a natural one, and the result was, she says, a deluge of cringeworthy juvenilia, which has thankfully all been destroyed.


         Her first novel 'The Quickening', is a psychological ghost story set in Victorian England. She is currently writing a gaslight romance, 'Otherworld', set in late Victorian London.


         Her short story, The Song of the Sea, will be appearing in the forthcoming collection, Loving Imogen. At the moment, it is available FREE from Smashwords.


          Mari Biella now lives in Northern Italy, with her husband and an exciteable beagle.




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