Authors Electric: Nick Green


              Nick's e-book is:


The Storm Bottle 



          Nick Green is the author of the Cat Kin trilogy published by Strident: The Cat Kin, Cat’s Paw and Cat’s Cradle. Book 1 of the trilogy was initially self-published on Lulu, before being reviewed by Amanda Craig in The Times and promptly snapped up by Faber.


          Eagerly pounced on by readers aged 8 to 80, The Cat Kin went on to be shortlisted for the Bolton Book Award and the Sefton Super Reads Award, made into a BBC Audiobook, featured on the children’s Radio 4 show ‘Go4It’ and published in Germany as City of Cats. Bafflingly, none of this persuaded Faber to continue with the trilogy, which was then eagerly taken on by the Scottish publisher Strident.


          Nick has published one book straight to ebook: The Storm Bottle, which remains his personal favourite. Go on, give it a go.


          Nick's website is here.



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