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Bonnie wants to live with Maybelle, who’s her mum, and Maybelle wants that too, but Grandbag’s always had them both and won’t let go. Into this tangled tale steps a mysterious shadowboy with a hot air balloon fuelled by magic, fire and smoke. All Bonnie has to do is climb on board and another world awaits her beyond the blue veil of the sky, a world she’s always dreamt of, and now it’s turned out to be real.

But is getting rid of Grandbag really as easy as all that?

Follow Bonnie to the world beyond the sky and find out what greets her when she arrives. Smarties prize-winning ‘Midnight Blue’ is a haunting book which you’ll never forget.

‘The scariest book I’ve read for years.’ Bookwitch; ‘This is fantasy at its best’.’ Fantasy Focus; ‘The kind of book that casts a spell over the imagination.’ Susan Hill, The Sunday Times; ‘Magical and scary.’ The Bookbag

"As they rose, the sun rose with them as if they were racing for the top of the sky. Its warmth welcomed them, turning the dark skin of the fiery balloon a beautiful midnight blue. They flew straight up. Above them, the sweet, clear music of the lonely pipe, the only sound left in the whole world, drew them on until they prepared to hit the very roof-top of the sky itself. Then the smooth sky puckered into cloth-of-blue and drew aside for them, like curtains parting. The music called again, and they passed straight through."


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