Authors Electric: Reb MacRath



Reb's e-books are:


                                The Vanishing Magic of Snow


                           Southern Scotch                 Nobility


                                      The Alcatraz Correction


          Born in Buffalo, Reb graduated from the State University College at Buffalo, New York, then went on to live in Toronto, Canada, for the next ten years.


          In that time, he built a successful practice as a freelance writer and had a syndicated column that appeared in all major Canadian papers.


          Upon returning to the States, Reb set out to learn to write fiction. His first novel, The Suiting, was a horror novel partly inspired by his years in exile as a Man Without a Country. The Suiting was published in hardback by Tor Books, under the name Kelley Wilde, and went on to win a Stoker Award for Best First Novel. And:

          --The novel was optioned for film and profiled in Success Magazine.

          --Reb was profiled in the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Star, the Atlanta Journal and the New York Times.

          --Reb wrote and sold the screenplay.

          Reb published one more hardcover with Tor, then two paperback originals for Dell’s prestigious new horror line, Abyss. Then, suddenly, the market died…

          Like many other Midlist Monsters, Reb found himself without a home. He took off to The Desert to learn how to write the sort of books he loved most to read: riveting tales of suspense and romance, high on heart and wit and style. He wrote ten books in twenty years, then dusted the sand from his sandals and came to EbookLandia to begin again.

          Reb published four Amazon ebooks in 2012 and has four more in the pipeline for 2013.


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