The Baptist



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      The teenage JohnBaptist murdered his brother.


      Their parents couldn't get over the loss of two sons - one drowned in a bubble bath and the other put away in a secure mental institution - so took their own lives. But John had no regrets - his brother was evil and had to die. Electrotherapy wiped John's memory and he was cured.

       Twenty years later, John has become a respectable, slightly overweight and balding pillar of society with a wife and young family. Then he starts to remember...

       The Baptist is a psychological thriller that follows the psychotic adventures of John Baptist, a man born to eliminate evil from our world.

       Combining elements of Criminal Minds and Dexter, The Baptist is a deceptive view of normality through the lens of a man led by reawakened religious mania and a woman driven by lust.

        He's clever, calculating and uncatchable. If you hear a knocking on your door don't let him in. John Baptist is cleansing a path for the Second Coming.



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