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Crows Nest                            Hob


I Can't See You


Stormteller                   Suvi



          I’m a Moonraker – born in Wiltshire by vagaries of war, but I grew up in very rural East Sussex. I’ve lived most of my life in Southampton, met my husband here and my three children were born here, but I’m still a hayseed at heart as my books testify.

          I’m a psychologist by trade, but I’ve always written – stories, plays, poems, W.H.Y. for the sheer pleasure of it.

          My first picture book, Tattybogle, was published in 1995 by Andersen Press and is still going strong, thanks largely to Starshine Music, who created a musical version of it for KS1 children, which has gone global.

          They went on to do the same for Babushka and The Moonthieves, and very good it has all been.

           My husband Niall and I set up the Clucket Press in 2005 in order to publish The Mud Maid, based on the story of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, as it wasn’t considered to have international appeal.

           We’re into our third print run now and we’ve since also or republished published more picture books, a series of greyhound stories for older children by Jayne Woodhouse and an autobiography of a much-loved friend. We’ve now gone electronic with five e-books and there is an audiobook in the offing.



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