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     Jo and Mo are two handsome crows - and they are ready to build their nest.


     But every time they start something goes wrong: the farmer chases them off his land, there's a huge explosion on top of an electricity pylon and bells start ringing when they try a church tower for a home.


     Where can the poor crows go in such an unfriendly world? The big city! Jo and Mo finally find the peace and security they need to raise their young at the top of a tower block. They build a handsome nest, lined with pink tissues, lay their eggs and their labours are rewarded with five fluffy crowlets.


     Jo and Mo are delighted, as are their human neighbours. This engaging picture book subtly explores how animals have to adapt to their changing environment.


     It was written by an award-winning author and illustrated by a talented newcomer.


     Child and Junior Education listed it as one of their Books of the Year, 2001.


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