The Complete Ghost World Sequence


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     Here, for the first time, are the three books of the Ghost World Sequence, The Ghost Drum, Ghost Song and Ghost Dance, in one volume.

     Against a setting of Arctic cold, darkness, starlight and the brilliant jewel colours of folk-art, these are fantastical, cruel fairy-tales of shamans, shape-shifters, battles of magic, peasants and kings.

     In GHOST DRUM, Chingis, the slave’s daughter, and Safa, the princeling, both long for the freedom to live in their own way, but can they survive the malice of their vicious enemies?
      Can Chingis’ shaman training help her to save Safa from execution for treason? Can her fierce will to survive enable her to find her way back from Iron Wood in the Land of the Dead?

     In GHOST SONG, at white midnight, the endless midsummer night of the far north, Kuzma the bear shaman, enters a house in a remote village.
      The only person awake in the house is Malyuta, a slave and hunter,
stand watch over his new-born son.
      The shaman demands the baby as his apprentice.
      Throughout the long summer night the hunter resists every argument, every bribe, every threat and refuses to give up his son.
      The shaman leaves at last, but does not give up his claim on the baby. When the child, Ambrosi, is full-grown, Kuzma comes to him again and offers him a choice between becoming a shaman or being driven mad by the spirits who claimed him before his birth...

     GHOST DANCE is the darkest and most sinister of the trilogy: a young and inexperienced witch, Shingebiss, goes against her shaman grandmother's advice and tries to save the Northlands from destruction by 'spelling the Czar.'
      But the Czar is mad – his mind ‘like a broken mirror, reflecting many things and all crookedly.’
      When Shingebiss arrives at court, the Czar takes her for an angel, sent to him as a gift from God. With her dark colouring, she becomes 'The Czar's Black Angel.'
      This arouses the jealousy of the Czar's English wizard, Master Jenkins. Fearing the loss of the Czar's favour, he promises his master an Elixir for Immortal Life, A vital ingredient is the blood of an angel...


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