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This collection… has a depth of emotion that is at times disturbing. MAGPIE 1998

          An elderly couple are woken nightly by their young neighbour, her high heels clack-clacking on the pavement as she returns from the night-club where she works… Their neighbour is dead. Murdered. Yet still she comes home late…

          A man living alone in a big old house recalls his childhood terror when he was sent to bed, in that same house, in the dark. He and his older sister held hands and sang hymns as they crept through the passages – but they always paused on the landing to look from the window. ‘Why?’ asks the visitor. ‘What did you see?’ The old man invites his guest to go with him, in the dark, to the landing window and look for himself…

          A shepherd boy dies in a blizzard, breaking the heart of his master’s young daughter, who secretly loved him… Years later, as a contented married woman, she finds herself haunted by the dead boy, who stands in the darkened yard, staring at the farmhouse’s lit windows.

          A man mockingly nicknamed ‘The Wiz’ because he claims supernatural powers, offers to punish a bullied schoolgirl’s tormentors – for a price…

          Other tales tell of a poltergeist, a séance, a woman lost in a dream, an ancient woodland reappearing among the factories of a modern city…

          Hauntings: nine stories written by an award-winning, expert story-teller.
Stories written to haunt, ‘to be poignant and evocative, persistently and disturbingly present.’ [OED]

Praise for HAUNTINGS

          'Susan Price understands well that the ghost story form may be used to move readers and question their prejudices about the nature of appearance, as well as to frighten delightfully. She never settles for cheap effects and writes beautifully of relationships between young and old.' (THE DAILY TELEGRAPH )

          Susan Price is an acclaimed author of over 60 books, which have been translated into many languages, including Japanese, Chinese and Russian. She has won several awards, including the Carnegie and the Guardian, and has been short-listed for the Whitbread.
She is a founder member of the Authors Electric Collective (Find them on-line.)
Visit her Amazon Author Page to find out more about her books, and links to her website and blogs.

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