The Bearwood Witch







          Zoe wants her boyfriend back.

          She means to get him back, no matter what.

          Elizabeth Beckerdyke is a witch: the Bearwood Witch. She doesn’t mess about with crystals, candles and tarot cards. She’s the real deal.

          It’s her that Zoe asks for help.

          Duncan is homeless, and a born-again Christian. He believes that Christ has guided him to Zoe because her immortal soul is in danger, and Christ wants him to save her - from the Devil and the Bearwood Witch.

          ‘He’s your little Christian Knight,’ the Witch sneers - and Duncan finds himself in mortal battle.

           Set in the grubby streets of a modern city, this story has a claustrophobic, menacing sense of the Occult world which is close around our little patch of warmth and light which we call reality – closer than we dare think.

          "The Bearwood Witch" is an intense, frightening, disturbing look into the elements of faith, of belief, of witchcraft and of death by the author of the award-winning "Sterkarm Handshake" - another deep and fascinating novel by this versatile author. You may have trouble with this book, and you may not like it, but I guarantee that you'll never forget it...

          The best thing about "The Bearwood Witch" is what other fantasy/horror books lack - a real sense of the uncanny and strange. As a whole, readers are quite "desensitised" to fantasy elements - most of us take anything from elves to ghosts in our strides, and authors have long since expected us to take the supernatural elements of their books for granted.


          But "The Bearwood Witch" has the difference between the real and the unreal as one of its central themes. Due to the meticulously detailed settings and realistic human behaviour, the spooky side of the story really does feel unnatural and intrinsically *wrong*. If you want a "real" reaction to the supernatural and an unwholesome leaking from *that* world into ours, then this book will set you straight...

          The story itself is riveting... Susan Price is a top-class writer, and "The Bearwood Witch" is well worth your time, and will certainly give you something to think about.

Amazon Review by R. M. Fisher

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