The Ghost Wife


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          The Industrial Revolution is blackening the English countryside… Women and children hack at coal in darkness underground and drag loaded tubs like animals.

          Rattle is one of them – a dirty, pipe-smoking, swearing collier wench, who dresses and swaggers like a boy.

          But she’s in love… With the young farmer who works the land on the hill above the mine. Jonathan Turner, a god-fearing, prim and proper Methodist.

     “Above the waistband of his trousers, he was naked, and he had a figure nearly as good as a collier's: the same marked narrowing from the shoulders to a small, tight waist, and a small, round bum. When he twisted at the waist or stooped, he went away to nothing there, as slender as a whippet.”


          Rattle is determined to have him. Except that he’s already married – to a ghost.

          To lay the ghost, and free Jonathan for herself, Rattle goes to the wicked, fever-ridden town of Dudham, to buy the help of the Dudham Devil…


Review by Jenny Woolf:

     ...Price's Black Country historical drama is meaty enough to please any thrill-seeker, containing (among other things) a tormented incubus, an evil old man with supernatural powers, several violent deaths and some frightful enchantments. There is also much mild eroticism and an adorable hero you really hope won't die.


Reader’s reviews of The Ghost Wife:

By A Customer


Ghost Wife has to be THE BEST Point Horror Unleasheds of today. I thought of it to be one of the most thrilling ones around. There is a lot of vivid detail in this book, many of the descriptions are pretty gory but this makes the book even more interesting to read. The story develops into a very good novel and is well worth reading, I certainly enjoyed it.


a very different horror.... 12 Mar 2012

By sureal


i enjoyed this thoroughly very different , set back in the days in a village , with a family curse connected. ..



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