The Wolf Sisters 


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          Reviews of this book:-


'Price's refusal to fall into sentimentality and false 'closure' is remarkable.' -- The School Librarian, v.49, no.1, Spring 2001

'...beautifully crafted. ..Drawn into the action, totally convinced of the reality of the characters, readers should not miss this fantasy.' -- Carousel, Spring 2001

'...genuinely spine-chilling' -- TES, 2nd March 2001

'...really exciting and interesting' -- Kids Out, April 2001



In the Dark-Age, pagan world of Anglo-Saxon Britain, loyalty to your lord is all.


          Kenelm is a princeling of the royal blood, an atheling, descended from the God, Wodan. His uncle is the King.

          Kenelm had thought to live life as a warrior, fighting for his King, wearing dazzling armour, feasting in the royal hall – and marrying a beautiful princess.

          But there is a new power in the land: the Christian church. Despite being a pagan, the king makes the church a gift. He gives his young nephew, Kenelm, to an abbey, to be raised as a monk.

          Kenelm’s oath to his King binds him to the miserable, narrow, monkish life of prayer, fasting and celibacy. He feels his King has betrayed him, but he still must be loyal to his lord. He cannot break his oath.

          When Kenelm is unexpectedly summoned to the Royal Court, he is over-joyed, sure that he is being summoned to fight, and will be freed from his monk’s vows.

           But he is needed only as a messenger. Plague has weakened the country’s defences, and invasion is threatened. The King is forced to ask for supernatural help. As the King’s nephew, Kenelm must be his royal messenger, carrying a plea for help deep into the Wild Wood, to the mysterious, uncanny Wolf Sisters…


Wulfgifu – Wolf Gift


Wulfgara - Wolf Spear


Wulfruna - Wolf Counsel


The wolf sisters: as beautiful, fierce and terrifying as Nature itself.


          Once Kenelm has known them, how can he return to the grey monastery, even when his King orders it, even when his Abbess demands his return?

           Caught between the beauty and cruelty of the Wolf Sisters, and the harsh piety of the Abbess, how can Kenelm save his oath and his honour? Can he save his life?


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