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          Valerie Laws is a crime and comedy novelist, poet, playwright and sci-art installation specialist. She is infamous for spray-painting poetry onto live sheep to celebrate quantum theory (QUANTUM SHEEP).
          She has ten books published traditionally, one of which is also an ebook, and one indie ebook so far.
          Most of her funded Writer’s Residencies in UK and Egypt involve working with pathologists, neuroscientists, human specimens and dissections, which feeds her crime fiction and poetry.
          She featured in BBC2’s documentary Why Poetry Matters, also live at Royal Festival Hall, London.
          She performs worldwide live at festivals and events and in the media; and has won many prizes and awards, including Wellcome Trust Arts Award and two Northern Writers’ Awards.
         She has had twelve stage and radio plays commissioned and performed.
         Her degrees are in Maths/Theoretical Physic, English,and she has an MA in Creative Writing. She is a fanatical swimmer.
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