First published in the UK by Walker Books

More than anything else, Josh wants a dog, and now that his family's moved into a house with a garden he's hoping he'll get one. Then, on the very first night, something amazing happens - a dog appears in his room. Not a real dog - Josh can't stroke it. It's like a dream dog, and it's not even the kind of dog Josh would have chosen. Yet it keeps coming back - why? Is Josh imagining it? Is it a ghost? Or can it be, in some mysterious way, a real dog?


This is a story for anyone of around eight plus who ever wanted a dog.




Financial Times London

The novel evolves with poignancy and increasing tension. Its conclusion, however, is gratifyingly joyful. Richemont writes with a great understanding of the intense feelings children invest in their hopes and expectations.


The Times London a good introduction to complex narrative structure for children of 8+. The dog Gyp's voice opens each chapter, gradually unfolding his story. Is he a ghost? A memory? Or is he just a dog?


The School Librarian

Enid Richemont's prose is gentle and involving, and she captures perfectly the immature voices of her young protagonists. The pace is quick and will hold the attention of the most easily distracted child. The denouement is touching enough to satisfy any reader.



Readers aged 9-12 will be both touched and intrigued by this mysterious story where fiction seems to be closely entwined with reality, and where the narration is made by both Josh and the 'dream' dog.


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