The Story Collector




Everybody has a story.


Mr. Grimsby, an elderly, retired works manager, amuses himself by writing down the stories told him by the people around him - one of his kitchen maids, the maid's grandmother, an old soldier, a dying woman...


Sergeant Lamb, who fought at Waterloo, tells of a soldier how found his way to Heaven and God’s chair…


Mrs Riley, who's dying, tells of a fiddle strung with a murderered girl's voice, which cries out in her voice...


Between them, Mrs. Naylor and Mrs Riley, remember the tale of the Isle of Birds, and the lad who learned to 'see a thing, hear a thing and understand a thing.'


Then Mr Grimsby finds himself on the road to Heaven with a Churchyard Grim, and when he reaches Heaven, the Virgin Mary pours the tea and says, ‘I went to the garden to pick a bit of thyme – I’ve told my tale, now thee tell thine!’


Everybody has a story.


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