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     Are you afraid that the monsters of old have become nothing more than a bedtime story? Do you long for a time when vampires had bite and ghosts were truly spirited? 

      The Re-Vamp project ran online from Halloween 2010 until Halloween 2011. Organised by authors L.C. Hu and Die Booth, this international horror-fest was dreamed (or should we say, nightmared?) up from a desire to get back to the traditional roots of monster myths that had gradually stagnated into cliche.

      The project featured stories, poems, articles, discussion, artwork and video from a series of authors both established and new. The Monster Makeover short story competition saw readers write in with their work for the opportunity for one winner to be voted into the final Re-Vamp anthology.

      Now, Re-Vamp is a beautifully illustrated collection of the best stories horror has to offer, featuring an introduction by award-winning author Susan Price, author of the Ghost World and Sterkarm series.

      Whether rediscovering or reimagining traditional themes, these twisted tales will both terrify and entertain.








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