The Wolf Sisters


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          Reviews of this book:-


'Price's refusal to fall into sentimentality and false 'closure' is remarkable.' -- The School Librarian, v.49, no.1, Spring 2001

'...beautifully crafted. ..Drawn into the action, totally convinced of the reality of the characters, readers should not miss this fantasy.' -- Carousel, Spring 2001

'...genuinely spine-chilling' -- TES, 2nd March 2001

'...really exciting and interesting' -- Kids Out, April 2001



          Kenelm is an atheling, a prince of the royal blood, descended from the God Woden, and born to fight for his king and feast in the royal hall every night.


          But Kenelm’s uncle, King Guthlac, gave him to the Christians when he was a child, and now he is bound, by his honour, to live the miserable, grey life of a monk.


          He longs for the sensual life and colour of the life stolen from him – and when he is recalled from the monastery to carry a royal message, he responds eagerly, hoping that he may be freed from the religious vows he would never have taken for himself.


          But his errand takes him deep into the Wild Wood, to the Wood People…


The Wood People who, at dusk, called the names of men and women from the shadows under the trees. If you were fooled and answered them, they led you, calling, further and further into the woods. When you grew fearful, and would not follow their calling voices any further, they came to you out of the trees, and they were so beautiful that all fear of them fell away . . . Unless, by chance, you caught a glimpse of their backs. Their backs were not of soft flesh, but like hollowed, rotten logs. Cunningly they kept their backs hidden and led their captives by the hand, still deeper into the woods, where there were wolves, wild boar and bears; further and further from home and safety. Some found their way back, thinking they had been lost for a single night, and found that fifty years had passed. Everything and everyone they knew had gone.


          In the depths of the Wild Wood everything changes for Kenelm…


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