Angel's Snare - Book 5 of Joslin De Lay's journey


          Crispin is coming home to Hereford to claim his inheritance and Joslin goes with him. But a body is found at the foot of the tower of St Ethelbert’s Cathedral and when Crispin finds out who it is he realises that there are people who don’t want him there and are set on his death.


          Crispin and Joslin are soon embroiled in the final toils of a story reaching back through the years to old hatreds and wounds which have never healed. . Crispin and Joslin together come to a terrible climax in which they face a truly nightmarish end.

          'The murderer watched the body’s almost graceful progress until it reached the roof of the nave. There, it teetered on the edge, nearly lodged in the guttering, then fell further like a monstrous bird shot with an arrow. It hit the ground below and spread out, still, sprawling as if its arms and legs were carefully placed in some strange display in the grey moonlight. Its robe showed black against the stony ground, almost like the wings of an angel of death.

           '“Useless then, useless now,” the murderer said, then stepped back into the tower and felt a careful way down to the foot of the ladder.'




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