A Devil's Judgement - Book 4 of Joslin De Lay's journey


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          Joslin continues his quest to Wales and comes to Coventry. On the road, he meets a band of travelling actors on their way to the Coventry Miracle Plays, acted every Corpus Christi Day. But they are not welcome in Coventry. Already one of the actors has disappeared and when he's found, he is a grisly warning to the rest.


          Someone is determined that they don't perform - but who? What secret does Crispin, the enigmatic minstrel, bring with him? What makes their Judgement Play so important? And what if they refuse to be silent?

           'A man lay in front of her. Blood dribbled from his mouth. His fingers tried to grip the air. His legs and feet jerked feebly. Margery looked closer. Though the red glow was dim, she knew what she saw. The man was impaled on one of the teeth of the Mouth of Hell.'


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