The False Father - Book 6 in Joslin De Lay's Journey


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          At last Joslin meets the mysterious figure who has secretly followed him across England into Wales. But when this man tells him who he is, Joslin’s world collapses round him. However, having solved other people’s mysteries, he is now on the brink of solving his own.


          The journey is long and hard, the clues he has followed all the way from France are riddling and not to be trusted, there are men and women dead on the way and the secret buried in the past is hard to unearth.

           ‘It was as if a dark angel, or the devil himself, or the huge black spider of Joslin’s dreams descended on them with dreadful suddenness and then vanished. But in that instant, one sinuous arm hooked round Edmund’s throat and the other plunged a knife deep in his back. The body pitched forward with a gurgling cry and the death-dealer was gone before anyone could draw breath. After the first moment’s shock, Joslin knew he had just seen how, with one strong and smooth stab, his father and Rhys had died. At last he knew that he had been right all along about who killed his father. And yet…’



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