Viking Girl


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          The story of a Viking girl's fight for freedom and peace in war-torn 9th century England.


         Beren, daughter of Viking king, Thorkil, leads the tribe across the sea to England, after her father's death. She wants to live in freedom and peace, but her enemies have other plans. Whom can she trust? Her new Saxon friend, Albi? Or her father's brother, her uncle Vasser?


         Her father's spirit guide, a fox, brings her messages and her beloved hawk, Raed, has a part to play in the unfolding of the action.




'a great achievement . . . written with great confidence, with a fine sense of time and place. I felt I was there, and was excited to be there. I think teenagers, boys and girls, will find it a thrilling read. (Carnegie Medal-winning author, Berlie Doherty )

As she demonstrated in Warrior Girl, the author has a remarkable ability to conjure up detail and atmosphere from the past. (Children's Bookseller )



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