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A Virgin Birth?

It’s 1984 and Charity Baker, aged 16, is pregnant.

Who is the father of her child? Could it be Alan, assistant pastor of the Crabapple Christian fellowship? Or could the father, as Charity is claiming, actually be God? Charity’s friend Joanne has her own reasons for needing an answer. But the truth, when it emerges, is dark enough to shake the strongest faith.

From a review of the first edition by Sam North,
"Rosalie Warren writes with authority... This is a disturbing, powerful tale..."

From an Amazon reviewer of the first edition:
Charity's Child is un-put-down-able - I read it in one sitting. Although targeted at teenage girls, it is highly readable for women of any age. It deals intelligently with some very uncomfortable issues;... religious fervour, marital breakdown, child abuse and the damage done to the minds of those involved. All the characters are absolutely credible and even the villains are treated to some sympathy in the search for understanding.

'Charity's Child' was first published by Circaidy Gregory Press in 2008. This is a revised edition. A sequel is underway.



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