Telling The Sea








          'A powerful story of coming through, with no punches pulled.' Daily Mail; 'A gripping novel with a strong unsentimental warmth. Hard to put down.' Children's Book Foundation.


          'A superb novel which deserves a place in school libraries.' School Librarian.


          ‘Nona heard Mum next door. The walls were paper-thin. She could hear her undressing. Hear the clothes dropping to the floor. She imagined her standing in front of the dressing-table mirror, brushing the tangles out of her hair, looking at her bruises as she looked at them every night, especially that cruel cigarette burn that she'd said had been the final straw. She'd be thinking she was safe now, that Uncle Brady couldn't get her - couldn’t get any of them - that the bruises would fade, the burn eventually go away.

          'I don't mind the house being damp, the shops being miles away and everyone at school speaking another language,' Nona thought. 'Not if Mum's happy. And not if it means we never see him again…’

          ‘Telling the Sea’ is the story of Nona and her family who’ve run away from Mum’s abusive latest partner, Uncle Brady, and ended up in hiding on the wild Welsh coast. Soon Nona’s troubles are entwined with those of Owen, the local minister’s son. What does he have to do to gain his parents trust? And what does Nona have to do to hold her family together and save her mum? Together they defy their families and share their longings and fears. But it’s to the sea that Nona tells her secrets. And, finally alone, she has to face the trap the beguiling sea has set for her.

          Based on the wild coast of west Wales, ‘Telling the Sea’ is a story of winter darkness and new spring life.

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